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Regina Draper, MSW-C

Hello, my name is Regina Draper.


I graduated from Mercy College with a Master of Science in
Mental Health Counseling. During a 29-year career of service to our nation, and subsequent years of study in the behavioral sciences, I have had the opportunity to work with members of the armed forces, their family members, and governmental agencies focused on health and the
full-spectrum of human services. I have had the opportunity to work with adults and adolescents, in both individual and group therapy, with mental health challenges such as anxiety, depression, self-harm, ADHD, substance abuse, grief management, and anger management.

Additionally, I have worked with youth in crisis populations enrolled in adolescent intensive outpatient programs focused on relaxation techniques and effective family communications methods.

My specialized interests include working with veterans transitioning from military service to
civilian life, and into their communities as disabled veterans. My specialized interest also includes working with members of military families faced with both the absence/deployment of their service member, and the subsequent reintegration within their family upon their return. I am a fervent believer in, and base therapeutic support on, building client-care and alliances on the ethos of client-centered care and unconditional positive regard.


With this foundation, my training, and the client’s investment in the counseling process, as a mental health counseling intern I seek to help clients accept and take responsibility for themselves, and to gain and maintain the benefits of believing in and standing on their right to a renewed journey that can foster hope and faith in making improvements in their lives.

I consider it a distinct blessing and privilege to be a member of the Renewed Journeys team, and as an intern, I am thrilled at the opportunity to learn, grow, and develop my skill and talent under the supervision of an incredible and anointed scholar-practitioner. In our sessions you will
benefit from my reliance on faith-based, current research-focused material, and evidence-based methodologies to facilitate and encourage trust, sharing, and client abilities to develop solutions and take steps in the direction of their journey towards positive change. I feel equally thankful
and blessed to be granted an opportunity to build and strengthen therapeutic alliances that can lead to positive behavioral modifications, and improved quality of life. I look forward to working with you and being a part of the journey.

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