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Meet GinA Leon-Rodriguez



Gina Leon-Rodriguez understands the everyday challenges that individuals face when finding a therapist whom they feel comfortable with. She believes in meeting clients where they are by providing a safe space where clients can share their stress, anxiety, fears, pain, and loss with her. She is willing to listen and support clients through their healing journey. Gina is highly passionate about mental health and is committed to improving her client's lives by working in close collaboration with them.

Gina specializes in children, adults, and families. She utilizes treatment approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Problem-Solving Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, MIndfulness, Strength-based, and Faith-Based to name a few. She acknowledges that faith is also an important component in the healing journey.

Through Renewed Journey, LLC, Gina provides virtual individual and family counseling with a focus on holistic, faith-based Christian counseling. She aims at working with her clients in their journey until they feel capable of handling everyday challenges confidently on their own. She encourages potential clients to contact her and see if she is the therapist that they want to assist them in their journey to peace. También habla Español. 

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