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Emotional Healing: "Our Emotions Wait"

...Our Emotions Wait...

...“Be strong, don’t cry”...

...“the Lord is your strength”...

....“it is well with your soul, God is in control”...

....“Why are you crying, don’t you have faith?”...

Yes, God is in control, yes it is well and He is our strength, but does this mean we aren’t allowed to feel our emotions? 

Portrait of a woman standing by a body of water, her face partially hidden by her wind-blown hair, conveying a sense of contemplation or melancholy.

Oftentimes as believers we hear a lot of these very statements. In fact, we hear them so much that it actually conditions us to push aside our feelings so that we can present ourselves as the Christian who has extraordinary faith. We take on a stance or belief that if we cry, get frustrated or even overwhelmed that we do not trust in God’s divine plans. 

However, emotions are meant to be expressed, not suppressed! Let me give you a practical example.

Let’s say someone has neuropathy of the foot and they get a cut on the sole of their foot, this person will never know it’s there because they cannot feel it. Consequently, because they cannot feel it they are not treating it which will lead to it getting infected! But the question is, why did all this happen? Because they never felt the pain to give it attention and start the healing process. 

This is what happens when we push our emotions aside! It sits within us and sets root in our hearts and “infects” us from the inside out! But how many of us think that because we avoided the emotions everything was okay and life moved on? I’m here to explain that those emotions wait for you and manifests themselves in other ways.  Prime example is the emotions iceberg below:

Illustration of an iceberg representing emotions. The tip above the water displays external behaviors like anger and crying, labeled as 'what you see on the outside'. The larger section underwater lists hidden emotions such as scared, guilt, depressed, and anxious, captioned 'what's happening on the inside

What we see is anger, frustration, yelling and crying but what’s happening inside are feelings that are waiting to be healed. Feelings that we have pushed aside because of the inability to tap into our humanity. Just know that the worry, confusion, trauma and/or rejection we have felt in our lives remain and wait for us to address our pain. Addressing the pain is a process that I call true inner emotional healing.

This is where we unpack the hurt/the root cause of the pain, pull the negative emotion from its roots within our heart and replace it with God's truths which are full of love, joy, reassurance and peace! Your healing awaits! 


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