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The Therapist

Dominique Danquah, the founder of Renewed Journey, LLC, excels as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, specializing in various therapeutic approaches. With her profound expertise in trauma-informed care, Dominique employs a client-centered methodology, adapting evidence-based practices to meet her client's unique needs. Her therapeutic repertoire includes cognitive behavioral therapy, family systems theory, and mindfulness-based interventions, all underpinned by biblical values. .

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The Speaker

A dynamic speaker and workshop facilitator, renowned for her engaging sessions that bridge the gap between mental health awareness and faith. Dominique believes that true inner emotional healing begins when the root cause of emotional distress is uncovered, addressed, healed and replaced with true affirmations rooted in faith.


Starting April 2024, Renewed Journey, under the guidance of Dominique, will offer clinical supervision for individuals seeking LCSW licensure in Virginia, as well as for supervisees in DC and Texas. Our commitment is to provide exceptional supervision that not only meet the board's requirements but also fosters your personal and professional growth in the mental health field.

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